• When you begin to read your Bible, how do you pray? Do you open the pages and say, “Lord, show me yourself?” The Bible isn’t merely a book to read just so you can learn what is going in the world. It isn’t merely a book to read so you can receive guidelines on how to treat your wife and kids. The Scriptures are designed to lead you to stand in the presence of the Living God, to feel Him, to know Him, to sense His love, His wisdom, His strength, His might, His incredible grasp of circumstances, His control of human events, and to empower you to understand your relationship to Him, to have Him stand in your presence living, breathing, compassionate. That is what the Scriptures are for. That is the wonder of the Scriptures. No other book has that quality. Christ can step out of the pages and be a Living Presence in your life and heart. All you have to do is pray and ask Him to give you that spirit of wisdom and of revelation. Because it will not come any other way . . . if your Bible study time is dull and dreary, take that as a hint and begin to pray that it will come alive, that you can know your Father. Remember what Jesus prayed: “Father, I thank you for our relationship, and I pray that men may know you, the only true God, for this is eternal life” (John 17:3). And if you want life — life with that quality of abundance which characterizes Yahweh — then that is the way to have it. It comes with knowing Him, knowing who He is and what He is like ~N.H. Hoekes

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