• We are not to believe in G-d, we are to simply believe G-dBelieving G-d is standing firm in Him. Believing G-d requires submission to His authority.  Believing G-d is knowing what He says is true and knowing He is with you . . . not hoping that He is.  Believing G-d is delighting in Him, regardless of the circumstances.  Believing Him is a systematic walk during which you continue to empty yourself of yourself so that He can fill you up according to His purposes.  It is praying for His will to be done and not your own ~Jennifer Ross

  • Believing IN G-d puts the focus on G-d’s existence. It doesn’t require anything but an abstract submission to the idea that He exists, much like a child living in the United States who ‘believes’ in the Tooth Fairy. If parents forget to exchange that tooth for money and the child wakes up the next day without his reward, how long will the child continue to believe? What did the child surrender except for a tooth that fell out? What kind of relationship does that child have with the Tooth Fairy except to get something they did not work for from someone who seems to exist solely for the purpose of making them happy? Unfortunately, this is very similar to the way a lot of people view our Creator. Belief doesn’t take effort. ~Jennifer Ross