• Jesus was raised from the dead. Then in Matthew 28:6, the angel said to the women, “He isn’t here, He has risen! Come see the place where the Lord was laid.” He died as a Lamb, as a substitute. He rose as the Lord, High Priest! This is why we celebrate! Not that he died, but that He is RISEN! ~N.H. Hiemstra

  • The amazing thing is that despite the incredible miracles they had personally witnessed, after hearing the Lord‘s own voice, at the first sign of trouble their instinct wasn‘t to believe God, nor was it to trust Him. Come to think of it, they weren’t even led to being obedient! Instead, they acted exactly the same way they always had. That’s right, nothing changed. ~N.H. Hoekes

  • “No one has ever heard, no one has paid attention, and no one has seen any god except you.” But, “God has revealed those things to us by his Spirit!” His Spirit is alive within us! He is there and His “divine power has given us everything we need for life and for godliness. This power was given to us through a full and personal knowledge of the one who called us by His own glory and integrity” (II Peter 1:3) ~N.H. Hoekes

  • Look, every time you begin something in your life, you need encouragement to remain focused. Let’s say you began a new exercise program; or a new diet; or a new program of study. Doesn’t it help to have the support; the encouragement from your family? Sure it does. Well, your walk of faith is no different and like any journey, we will have low times and successful times. We need to recognize the progress we have made. ~N.H. Hoekes

  • We have the “thoughts,” the “feelings,” the “purposes,” and even the “Wisdom” of Christ! So, don’t belittle your “rebirth.” Embrace it! Rely on it! Allow it to govern every decision you make! ~N.H. Hoekes

  • As William Carey has said, “Expect great things from God, Attempt great things for God!” Don’t limit yourself, my friends, your Father is supreme and desire is to work through you! ~N.H. Hoekes

Have you ever had a person suddenly “pop” into your mind? What do you do? Do you just smile and remember the last time you saw them? Or do you just pass it off as being just “one of those things.” It might be a kind of intuition. You know, a “gut feeling.”

Well, I would argue that the Holy Spirit is allowing you to think about that person for a reason, and when He does, the first thing you should do is to pray for that person. Certainly, you could call them or email them. But the best thing for you to do is to pray for them. Who knows, maybe they are in a dangerous situation and don’t know it. Maybe, and I’m just “spit-ballin'” here, but I have seen situations where completely unknown to me, someone was facing a medical crisis of some kind, and the Holy Spirit put that person on my mind. I had no idea why, but I knew something was going on, so I began to pray for them. I prayed that they would have the strength and courage for whatever they were facing. But here’s something to remember: it isn’t so much how we pray, that is important. What is important is that we do pray! Praying is the most important thing we can do and the prompt from the Holy Spirit is the cue for you to start! ~N.H. Hoekes