• Give me Your eyes for just one second
    Give me Your eyes so I can see
    Everything that I keep missing
    Give me Your love for humanity
    Give me Your arms for the broken-hearted
    The ones that are far beyond my reach
    Give me Your heart for the ones forgotten
    Give me Your eyes so I can see ~Brandon Heath

  • “I make it a rule never to go before an audience, on any occasion, without asking the blessing of God upon what I want to say…” ~Booker T. Washington

  • “Let us pray that the spirit of God shall enter their lives and prevail in their lands . . . Through Jesus Christ, the world will yet be a better and fairer place.” ~Harry Truman

  • “It took a war to put prayer at the center of the lives of our fighting men. It took a war, and the frightening evil of Communism, to show the world that this whole business of prayer is not a sissy, a counterfeit thing that man can do or not as he wishes. Prayer . . . is a part of man’s personality, without which he limps . . . Men grope in darkness unless they believe that God, in His kindness, is willing to lift the shadows if we ask Him in prayer.” ~Conrad Hilton, the founder of the hotel chain, stated in a Prayer Breakfast at the Mayflower Hotel

  • “To look out at this kind of creation and not believe in God is to me impossible. It just strengthens my faith. I wish there were words to describe what it’s like.” ~John Glenn observing the heavens and the earth from his window, November 5, 1998

  • “I didn’t need a Bible to talk to God. I prayed for my family. I prayed for myself. I prayed I wouldn’t blow up and then I prayed harder that I wouldn’t screw up.” ~Astronaut Mike Mullane, from his book, Riding Rockets, describing how the night before a launch, sleepless with apprehension, he checked his nightstand for a Bible but couldn’t find one

  • “To those of you who have advocated looking high we owe our sincere gratitude, for you have granted us the opportunity to see some of the grandest views of the Creator.” ~Commander Neil Armstrong, Addressing a joint session of Congress, September 16, 1969